Kiko Milano Tuscan Sunshine Shiny Lip Stylo Lipstick, Radiant Wet-Look with Jasmine Scent

If you're looking for a soft, glossy lip color – this is the lipstick you need. The wet stylo lipstick looks radiant with a jasmine scent. Ideal for: giving your lips an even color and a delicate shine. SON KIKO is a popular cosmetic brand from Italy but famous worldwide, especially in Europe for its quality care in each lipstick. KIKO MILANO LARGE LIST is a bright colour with a light and wet effect. The lipstick is super pigmented and has a jasmine fragrance, which melts, is fresh, pleasant, with a smooth, silky effect on the lips. The colour is intense and even, providing consistent colour for immediate comfort. It leaves lips feeling naturally hydrated and plumped
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